Tray is a free-standing kitchen accessory system designed for Damiano Latini Srl.
The project emerged from a deep reflection on how contemporary society’s way of living in domestic and work environments has profoundly changed. The concepts of “liquid modernity,” nomadism, and flexibility are now the basis of our daily lives.
When we designed Tray, our goal was to create a nomadic and repositionable product that was not anchored to the wall or kitchen elements with screws or hooks. Additionally, we wanted to achieve maximum flexibility: in space (Tray is easily repositionable in new environments), in time (usable at various times of the day), in functions (the components can be configured and personalized), and according to users (young couples, families, coworkers).
The Tray system is made up of an aluminum base, defined by a rail on which the beech wood supports slide, that acts as a base for the accessories that can be arranged as desired. Since Tray is not anchored to the walls, it can be easily moved and placed on any surface: worktop or table.
Designed with Davide Anzalone.
Ph: Marco di Marcantonio
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